GoMentum Station

This partnership with GoMentum Station in Concord, California, marks the first intended deployment of driverless shuttles in the United States. Designed to operate at low speeds and transport passengers for a short distance, EasyMile's driverless vehicles will begin running as a GoMentum Station pilot demonstration project in Bishop Ranch, a business park located in San Ramon, California. The demonstration project is expected to begin in summer 2016 with two shuttles.

*Stay tuned for more updates*

Read the press release of the partnership here.
Read the press release of the Introduction of Assembly Bill 1592 here.

Project Details

  • Location : GoMentum Station - USA

…This technology offers an innovative new approach to helping travelers get to transit stations, business districts, and other local amenities without the hassle of driving and parking, which could be a replicable solution for many urban and suburban communities in the United States.

-Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority


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