In this thought-provoking paper EasyMile’s in-house experts discuss the supply chain’s autonomous vehicle evolution and lessons learned from driverless shuttles

By Victor Ramiro and Jeremy Rivallo

Originally published for: 26th ITS World Congress, Singapore 21 – 25 October 2019



Improving logistics at industrial sites has been a driver for the adoption of robotized solutions. On the one hand, there are currently available Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) options and they are already being  deployed worldwide. On the other hand, Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are moving forward and getting mature enough to be considered as the next step in the logistics field.

In this paper we will discuss the challenges that arise when talking about the crossing between logistics and autonomous vehicles, with a special focus on fleet management. We will focus on the problems faced when scaling up AGVs in both the number of vehicles and also the complexity of tasks they solve. We will also introduce EasyMile’s fleet management solution to handle fleets of autonomous vehicles. And finally, we conclude with EasyMile’s turnkey solution for the logistics industry.

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