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Delivering Autonomous Mobility Solutions

Leader in driverless mobility, EasyMile revolutionises passenger and goods transportation. For the past 6 years, we have developed and deployed autonomous mobility solutions worldwide based on vehicles manufactured by recognised industrial partners. Our clients include the world’s largest transport operators, city authorities, airports, corporations, business parks, and universities.

Words of the CEO

"I founded Easymile in 2014 with the ambition to revolutionise mobility and deliver all the positive promises linked to autonomous driving. We managed to gather around this vision a world-class team of researchers, and we have now one of the best technologies in the world, enriched by incredible experience gained through our numerous deployments on 4 continents."

Our vision

Autonomous Vehicles are transforming mobility as we know it.
It is one of today’s most ambitious technological challenges. Once widespread, this revolutionary technology has the potential to improve safety and save lives by eliminating costly human errors, to offer additional mobility options in places with lack of public transport such as rural areas or to better transport goods in all kind of environments.
EasyMile delivers fully driverless vehicles with a focus on specific use cases in order to make autonomous technology available today and launch the mobility revolution.

EasyMile: 4 years of great achievements


Gilbert Gagnaire & Philippe Ligier co-found EasyMile and open offices both in Toulouse, France and in Singapore

First EZ10 Produced

The very first EZ10 driverless shuttle designed by EasyMile comes out of the French Ligier factory

First EZ10 Demonstration

China: first public demonstration of the EZ10 at the 12th Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2014 in Chengdu

First EZ10s Experimentation in Mixed Traffic

Switzerland: For the first time, the EZ10 demonstrates its capacity to drive safely in a mixed traffic environment, with pedestrians, bikes and other conventional motorised vehicles.
For over 4 months, six EZ10 drive around Lausanne University Campus carrying over 6,000 people with The CityMobil2 project

First EZ10 Commercial Application

Singapore: Gardens by the Bay adopts the EZ10 driverless shuttles to offer a daily premium service to its visitors. The ‘Auto Rider’ transports an average of 50-100 every day.
This is the first ever commercial application of an autonomous vehicle service

Alstom Becomes a Shareholder

Alstom invests in EasyMile

Alstom Partnership

EasyMile partners with Alstom to develop Tram autonomous stabling

Office Opening in Australia

Australia: EasyMile opens its first regional office in Mulgrave near Melbourne

Continental Becomes a Shareholder

Continental invests in EasyMile

TLD Partnership

EasyMile partners with TLD to autonomise a baggage tractor for airport: TractEasy

IVECO Partnership

EasyMile partners with IVECO to autonomise a full-size 12-meter bus

Office Opening in the USA

EasyMile opens a regional office in Denver, Colorado

First EZ10 in Mixed Traffic in the US

USA: for the first time, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has allowed a shared autonomous vehicle - the EZ10 - to travel on public roads in the state of California

Office Opening in Germany

EasyMile opens a regional office in Berlin

TractEasy First Trial

France: Groupe PSA experiments the TractEasy autonomous tow tractor on its industrial site in Sochaux in ‘real life’ condition carrying spare parts to the 3008 assembly line

Bpifrance Becomes a Shareholder

Bpifrance invests in EasyMile

Announcement of a MOU with Continental

Singapore: Continental and EasyMile sign a MOU for joint autonomous driving R&D team to further explore Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence.

First Fully Driverless Service

France: EasyMile demonstrates its ability to deliver the full promise of autonomous driving for local mobility

EasyMile Launches its new EZ10

Sweden: EasyMile Launches its new EZ10 driverless shuttle at UITP Stockholm 2019, featuring new safety architecture and enhanced passenger experience.

EasyMile: the first autonomous vehicle company to obtain ISO 9001 for its quality management

France: EasyMile becomes the first autonomous vehicle company to obtain ISO 9001 certification by Bureau Veritas for its quality management.

Opening of a new regional office in Dubai

EasyMile, a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technology and smart mobility solutions, announced today the opening of a new regional office in Dubai, as part of its ongoing global expansion.