12 December 2019, Toulouse – EasyMile hosted collaboration partner Continental’s gold innovation award winner Wilson Chia in its Toulouse head office this week.

“It’s been a great opportunity to get hands-on insight into EasyMile’s latest technology and where it’s heading,” said Stephan Giesler, Continental’s Head of Digital Innovation Dialogue. “We all want to move ahead quickly on the road to autonomous driving and really appreciate EasyMile’s balance between top-notch future technology and something that is tangible and real.”

Mr Chia won the competition on the perfect self-driving car and what type of products and services could be generated by it. His autonomous smart car-seat idea beat 200 others. His innovation focuses on face and voice recognition that allows the seat to adjust and change accordingly for different users – especially babies and children, as well as adults. The idea includes technology that could even recognise when a passenger has fallen asleep and would adjust the level of seat comfort accordingly.

“EasyMile is very focussed on what it wants to develop, and on what the market needs to solve problems. I was impressed by the agility here,” he said about his experience over the two days. “There is also a strong emphasis on safety. I can see how hard you work on it and really appreciate that. It’s a young, positive, dynamic and international team,” Mr Chia added.

Both sang the praises of Toulouse as an innovative place to live and work.

Mr Chia likened it to a gemstone. “There is precious technology developing here,” he said.

“A colleague told me Toulouse was the city he’d move to in a heartbeat,” Mr Giesler added. “I can see why. We had two great days of friendly people and beautiful surroundings, and there is so much buzz around mobility here. It really is the hottest industry to be in right now. There are huge changes coming that are going to impact all our lives across a broad spectrum and it was exciting to see how many people and companies work on this here in Toulouse – including Continental and EasyMile.”

“Autonomous driving is getting to the phase of really making it happen and we really got to see why EasyMile plays a leading role in this.”