Autonomous Technology Thanks To A Unique & Versatile Software Package

EasyMile has developed a unique in-house software package including an embedded system to automate transportation platforms.

Driverless technology, how does it work?

An autonomous vehicle requires a high level of information to reach its destination safely. It is therefore equipped with a full range of sensors. It collects and crunches recorded data to create a 360-degree picture of its environment – infrastructures, other vehicles and pedestrians, or anything else in its path. Real time processing of the data allows the driverless vehicle system to decide how to behave to progress safely along the road (stop, go, or slow down).

EasyMile’s unique technology allows autonomous vehicles to navigate safely without dedicated infrastructure in mixed traffic (cars, bikes and pedestrians).


EasyMile’s powerful localisation algorithm calculates a vehicle’s position with centimeter-level accuracy in real-time by fusing data obtained via the sensor set:

  • LIDARs (Laser Detection And Ranging)
  • Cameras
  • Differential GPS
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Odometry

The autonomous vehicle is in constant communication with both its environment (V2X) and the supervision center thanks to a 4G data connection network.

EzFleet management system control center

Obstacle Detection

The full range of high performance sensors ensures the vehicle has the widest angle of vision possible and low ground clearance. It is therefore able to detect and avoid potential obstacles on the road. Depending on the situation it will either: adapt its speed and trajectory, safely control brake or stop.



Our AVs are equipped with multiple layers of redundant systems in order to maximise the safety of passengers and road users.

  • Redundant coverage by full range of sensors, and constant monitoring of the perfect functioning of each sensor at all time
  • Redundant obstacle detection function
  • Fail-safe and redundant braking systems

Safety and risk management is at the heart of everything EasyMile does – find out more in our Safety Report here.


Cybersecurity is embedded in every aspects of our software, development processes and validation protocols. Our product and software teams set up various security gates to ensure the integrity of the entire system. Furthermore, our system is regularly audited and challenged with penetration tests.

Monitoring and blackbox

The vehicle condition is reported to and stored in the vehicle supervision software servers. The data is the results from the information processed and analysed by the vehicle such as:

  • Quality metrics (sensors, location and route monitoring)
  • Position
  • Assignments sent to the vehicle by the supervision system
  • Usage statistics


Our vehicles are also equipped with a Black Box module. The module records the raw data from the various sensors exchanged between the vehicles’ hardware and software parts. In case of a critical event, all data is recorded prior and after the event to help understand and diagnose the event.

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EasyMile partners with recognised industrial players to produce best in range vehicles platforms. Combined with stringent safety protocols and a robust fleet management system, we automate transportation platforms.

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