• EasyMile, Continental and Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone sign a Memorandum of Understanding
  • Close cooperation among the three parties will promote the local development and implementation of driverless vehicles


19 December 2019, Shanghai, China – EasyMile and Continental have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone (JDIZ) to develop and promote solutions for driverless vehicles in China.

Joint Forces for Cleaner and Safer Cities in China

EasyMile is an autonomous driving and software expert whose EZ10 is the most-deployed driverless shuttle in the world. Continental is one of the leading automotive suppliers and has a broad competency in the development, industrialization and production of automotive technologies forming the basis for driverless vehicles. First technologies are already in series production in EasyMile’s EZ10 driverless vehicles e.g. radar sensors. Jiading Industrial Zone is a municipal-level pilot industrial park approved by the People’s Government of Shanghai Municipal. With the goal of creating a “future advanced manufacturing industry base”, it has formed a new pattern of industrial economic development led by advanced manufacturing industries and high-tech industries. Combining these respective strengths, the three parties take another leap forward towards implementing future mobility solutions in China.

Head of Systems & Technology, member of the Continental Chassis & Safety management board, Ralph Lauxmann emphasized: “Continental strongly believes driverless vehicles will play an important role in urban transportation of the future. Therefore, we will work closely with EasyMile and JDIZ to create a new way of mobility in China. We are honored to contribute to an intelligent and environment-friendly mobility in China.”

Gilbert Gagnaire, CEO of EasyMile, commented: “We have been working with Continental in the field of driverless vehicles for many years. This new collaboration is an exciting opportunity to innovate and accelerate driverless technology and intelligent transportation systems in China, and improve the driverless vehicle’s ecosystem there, together.”

Driverless Vehicles Help Smart Cities’ Development

With the rapid development of urbanization, China is facing strong challenges in its urban areas such as traffic congestion and environmental pollution. Electric driverless vehicles are an important element to solve these problems. They will play a key role in the “first and last mile” transportation, providing seamless mobility services for the urban population.

Transportation is the artery of a city. Intelligent transportation is an integral part of smart cities. Vice President and Managing Director China of Continental Chassis & Safety Division’s, Bin Huo said: “This year we introduced our global development platform for driverless technologies named CUbE in China. Our aim is to develop driverless solutions suitable for China’s road conditions and actively promote the development of local intelligent transportation. Thus, our cooperation with EasyMile and JDIZ is another significant step taken by Continental following our ‘in the market, for the market’ strategy.”

Party Secretary of Jiading Industrial Zone, Mr. Jianhua Yu said: “Intelligent shared mobility will make important contributions to improving traffic conditions and the quality of urban life. As a result, the prospects for cleaner, safer and more convenient electric driverless vehicles are huge in China. Our cooperation with Continental and EasyMile will help speed up the implementation of driverless vehicles in China.”



Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2018, Continental generated preliminary sales of around €44.4 billion and currently employs more than 244.000 people in 60 countries.

EasyMile is a global leader in driverless technology and smart mobility solutions.
The fast-growing company develops software to automate transportation platforms without the need for dedicated infrastructure. EasyMile’s cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing passenger and goods transportation, offering completely new mobility options. It has already deployed close to 250 driverless projects in 27 countries and transported people over 600,000 km. Clients include the world’s largest transport operators, city authorities, airports, corporations, business parks, and universities. Founded in 2014, EasyMile has a global presence with headquarters in Toulouse (France) and regional offices in Denver (USA), Berlin (Germany), Adelaide (Australia) and Singapore. The Company employs over 200 highly-skilled and passionate employees specializing in robotics, computer vision and vehicle dynamics. Besides the two founders, CEO Gilbert Gagnaire & Board Member Philippe Ligier, EasyMile benefits from the backing of minority shareholders and strategic partners, Alstom, Continental and Bpifrance


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