Frankfurt, Germany, July 9, 2019 – Driverless shuttles, also called robo-taxis, will become an important part of mobility in urban centers, helping to reduce traffic congestion and increase efficiency. Driverless transport systems of this kind are still rare exceptions on our roads today. However, driverless shuttles have driven on short, straightforward public routes during pilot projects and in designated areas at airports, hospitals, universities, and exhibition grounds.

The technology that enables these innovative vehicles without steering wheels or pedals to move independently, electrically, and safely is almost entirely available today. At technology company Continental, researchers and developers in Europe, North America and Asia are working to make proven series production technologies suitable for use in robo-taxis.

Already this year, Continental’s technology for driverless vehicles will be in production for the first time in French company EasyMile’s EZ10 autonomous shuttle. Continental has held a stake in this driverless vehicle manufacturer since 2017.