An EZ10 driverless shuttle will be in service for the first time in Poland, in the city of Gdansk. Part of the international project Sohjoa Baltic, the shuttle will be tested during a month, in partnership with the City of Gdansk, Sohjoa Baltic, Trapeze, Interreg Baltic Sea Region and EasyMile

The bus will carry passengers for free, 7 days a week, 5 hours a day, until the end of September. At the beginning, the autonomous vehicle will drive at least twice an hour from the initial stop at the Gdańsk ZOO. Passengers will be able to ride it probably between 10-18. The exact timetable is to be announced on Friday, September 6, during the official presentation of the vehicle.

Although the vehicle that will follow the pre-programmed route will be controlled by a computer, an on-board attendant will be present inside the shuttle, who will not only react in a crisis situation, e.g. bypassing a car parked on the route, but also willingly answering passenger questions.

To have 100% passenger safety, you need a supervisor at this stage – explains Michael Urbański from Easymile. – It can happen that suddenly a car appears in front of the bus. Bus alone cannot bypass the obstacle. In such situations, an operator is needed to switch from autonomous mode to manual mode and bypass the car.

More info on City of Gdansk website

Credit photo: Jerzy Pinkas /