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EasyMile’s values define the way we work, and succeed. They drive how and why we do business, for the benefit of our clients, partners and employees.


Driven by an autonomous future



We are passionate people at work and beyond, driven by challenges that we meet with energy and creativity.

Our passion is contagious and we share it through our solutions with a commitment to excellence.

Each success we achieve toward an autonomous future drives our passion.



Commit, and deliver








We earn the trust of our customers, partners and employees with our commitment to excellence, quality, and the highest safety standards.

We deliver on promises through communication and vision built on this culture of trust.



We are one team








At EasyMile, we are one team.

The diversity of each complements the other, and is our strength.

We deliver on our promises through mutual respect and collaboration.



Create and be determined


Innovation is a path we shape with creativity and determination.

We are building solutions for real use cases using cutting-edge technology 

At EasyMile, we go beyond limits with flexibility and open-minds.



Always go the extra mile



We are making possibility, reality. 

We define clear, challenging goals, and reach them.

We outperform, are masters in our field, and always ready to go the extra mile.

We strive to deliver the best technology and be at the top of our game.