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Autonomous shuttle passenger service on National University of Singapore campus

The EZ10 autonomous shuttle in a year-long passenger service trial on the National University of Singapore campus, aimed at gauging the commercial viability of such a service.

The NUSmart Shuttle piloted at the National University of Singapore

The NUSmart Shuttle began a passenger service trial at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Kent Ridge campus after 1.5 months of road testing. This trial is part of a year-long study aimed at gauging the commercial viability of providing safe, autonomous, shuttle bus services.

The NUSmart Shuttle, an EasyMile EZ10 autonomous vehicle, runs entirely on electricity and carries up to 12 people. It is operating from Monday to Friday, at 20-minute intervals, between 10.20 - 11.20 am as well as between 2.20 - 3.20 pm during the initial phase of the trial. The operating hours will be extended progressively. Each 1.6 km trip starts from the innovation 4.0 (i4.0) building and the shuttle will travel between Heng Mui Keng Terrace and Business Link, making stops opposite the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library and BIZ 2 building. The trial service is free for all users. During the initial phase, the shuttle will not operate when it rains to enable the vehicle to calibrate its internal systems. A wet weather service may be available at a later stage.

Running an autonomous shuttle in a real mixed traffic environment in Singapore

The trial, which is in line with the National University of Singapore’s ongoing efforts to build a smart, safe and sustainable campus, is the first autonomous shuttle bus operated by a land transport operator, in real mixed traffic conditions, alongside regular buses, cars, and motorcycles.

It provides an opportunity to learn how passengers and drivers behave and respond to an autonomous vehicle.

Positive feedback for this passenger service trial  

The NUSmart Shuttle has been in operation for over 7 months and conducted over 880 trips without any incidents. The overall feedback has been positive.