R&D Engineer - Localisation - Easymile

Published on14 May 2019

R&D Engineer – Localisation


* Find, design and implement new approaches to vehicle localisation
* Improve our multi-sensor localisation algorithms and architecture
* Improve localisation integrity and availability


* Fluent in English and C++
* Theoretical and practical knowledge of data fusion tools (bayesian filtering, optimization, …)
* Experience with perception sensors (lidars, cameras, radars, …), or localization sensors (GNSS, IMU, …)
* Familiarity with mapping and localization algorithms
* PhD or Master in Robotics, Computer Science, or related field


* Experience with real-time constraints and hardware interfaces
* Work on tight-coupling IMU/GNSS, localization integrity, or PPP technology would be a plus


Full time

Toulouse, France

Software Development


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