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Published on1 October 2019

R&D Engineer – Data Scientist


Explore, design, document, implement Deep Learning based networks for our autonomous vehicle
Scene Understanding based algorithms (Object detection, Tracking, Traffic Lights and Signs)
Explore, analyze and curate specific datasets.
Coordinate / liaise with other teams for implementation of the whole pipeline involving Deep Learning
Implement and maintain unit tests and integration tests, with maximum automation
(Optional) Test feature(s) on the field in the vehicle
Collaborate with cross functional agile teams of software engineers, data scientists, and others.


Degree or equivalent / higher or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Applied Math, or a related field.
Proven Experience in Python and any of the following frameworks: Tensorflow (estimator, dataset), Keras, PyTorch or Theano
Experience in designing, prototyping, implementing Deep Learning architectures for the purpose of Scene Understanding: Data mining, network design, optimization techniques
Experience in data modeling / manipulation.
Some experience in OpenCV for computer vision
Demonstrable programming aptitude.
Very good oral and written English.


Some experience in C++
Practical experience using OpenCV computer vision algorithms
Previous experience with Deep Learning applied to autonomous navigation
Previous experience with fusioning LIDAR, Radar and Visual data for Deep Learning

Full time


Software Development


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