19 August 2019, QUEENSLAND, Australia – The RACQ Smart Shuttle will operate a series of trials over five years to explore the potential for autonomous vehicles to address various transport issues, including transport disadvantage. The trials will also expand understanding about the safety of autonomous vehicles, their suitability to Queensland driving conditions and how they interact with other road users.

Phase one of the trial program, Redlands Coast Smart Mobility Trial, is a joint initiative between the RACQ and Redlands City Council, with the support of SEQ Council of Mayors and is Queensland’s first full on-road trial of an autonomous vehicle on Karragarra Island in Queensland’s Moreton Bay.

An EasyMile EZ10 driverless vehicle will be tested for 6 months for the first time in Queensland, Australia on Karragarra Island. The shuttle will operate on a 3.5 km loop route, from the Karragarra ferry terminal, along the Esplanade, Maryanne Street and Treasure Island Avenue. The service will be free during the trial.

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