15 March 2019, Playford, Australia – SAGE Automation will be partnering with French autonomous technology and smart mobility solutions provider EasyMile, As the trial operator for the autonomous bus service, Playford Connect, in the City of Playford.

SAGE Automation will work primarily on increasing AV ridership through smart connective technologies and also conduct surveys to collect community feedback to ensure that the trials continue to improve.

“The trial is being conducted on a public road, with interactions between the bus and the local, traffic, parked cars, cyclists and pedestrians,” Head of EasyMile Australia Greg Giraud said.

“This will help us assess how the City of Playford’s passengers experience and response to driverless technology. This is an ideal location to demonstrate the potential of this very innovative technology,” he said.

Phase One of the Playford Connect autonomous bus service is already underway.

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