Our Revolutionary Autonomous Tow Tractor - EasyMile


A revolutionary driverless and zero-emission electric tow tractor. The ideal solution for ground transportation of goods on industrial sites, logistics centers and airports, indoor and outdoor.


The TractEasy is the autonomous version of the market leader Jet 16 produced by TLD. The tow tractor is equipped with a full range of sensors – such as LIDARS, cameras, GPS, IMU, odometry – enabling safe and reliable navigation on a pre-mapped area without a need for additional infrastructure. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor, can operate in extended weather conditions, can safely drive in mixed traffic (cars, pedestrians, bikes), and can operate on uneven grounds thanks to its ground clearance.

It can drive up to 25 km/h and has a maximum traction capacity of 25 tonnes.

The TractEasys are supervised through EasyMile Control Center, and the overall fleet is managed and optimized through our Fleet application.

Available to purchase, lease or short-term rental:

TractEasy Technical Specifications

Traction Capacity 25 tonnes
Max Speed 25 km/h
Service operation modes Scheduled (Fixed route, Network) or On-demand
Fleet management and supervision system EZ Fleet
Weather conditions heavy rain, light snow, temperature > -15°C and < 35 °C
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 3,900 kg (with 1.5 T Battery)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3200 x 1,940 x 2,050 mm
Minimum turning radius approx. 3,5 m
Energy Electric (Battery type lead acid or lithium Ion)
Battery capacity 50 kWh (approx 8 hours)
Charging time 6 hours with charging stations
Direction Front steering wheels
Max. slope 15 % @ GVW
Connectivity Wireless GSM / EDGE / UMTS / LTE modem
Wi-Fi modem
V2X module (optional)
Wireless charger (optional)

TractEasy in action

Discover the TractEasy on the industrial site of Geodis and Groupe PSA in Sochaux, France