Toulouse, France, 18 March 2020 – Update from EasyMile where we are learning innovative, new ways of working across Toulouse and the world.

Covid-19 is at the top of all our newsfeeds and is no doubt playing a large part in your personal and professional conversations, too. We are all in this together and the most important thing is to be responsible and follow the instructions our governments put in place.

For us, this means most of our Toulouse team and colleagues across the globe are working remotely to keep up our fast-moving technical development and support our clients.

At our test and validation hub in France, we have put in place strict measures to protect everyone.

I am seeing great pragmatism and am hugely proud of efforts so far.

We have a daily leadership call to make sure we respond agilely to this fast-evolving situation and are in regular contact with our teams and clients.

It’s amazing to see businesses around the world adapting and ready to innovate to push things forward for the good of all.

Please continue to respect “gestes barrières” and social distancing in your personal and professional lives. It is good for you, for your loved ones and for all of us to make this crisis shorter !

Benoit Perrin – General Manager and COO