EasyMile and Let's Talk Supply Chain talk about automation

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Together with supply chain expert and industry figure Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, we discussed the value of process automation in Industry 4.0 and explored the challenges and benefits it presents. Automated supply chain processes that are supported by EasyMile's Tow Tractor TractEasy increase the efficiency and productivity on site. How? Listen here...
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Our Sharad Agarwal, Lauren Isaac and Bastien Monteneau talked with 'Let's Talk Supply Chain' host and automation enthusiast Sarah Barnes-Humphrey about the power of automation. Our material handling solution is the first driverless, electric tow tractor enabling autonomous material handling in indoor and outdoor logistics processes as well as airports. TractEasy means lean logistics: delivering increased safety and flexibility, while significantly reducing operating costs.

TractEasy at BMW factory in Dingolfing, Germany. Credit: BMW
Bastien Montonneau

"TractEasy is developed with great industrial competence. It's DNA comes from the material handling equipment sector, it's a proven plattform."

Bastien Montonneau

"Sustainability is such a huge topic right now. It's an incredible opportunity to switch the vehicles from diesel to electric, especially when you see the efficiencies that come with automated vehicles, the impact is massive. And that's true for both passenger movement and goods movement"

Lauren Isaac

Sharad Agarwal

TractEasy is a great solution when you're having a lot of repeatable processes that are going a far amount of distances. There is a lot of movement between warehouses and assemby lines and these factories are massive [...] and every second counts.

Sharad Agarwal

Watch the full discussion between our Experts and Sarah Barnes-Humphrey here: