Results from the Road Transport Research (RTR) conference with AWARD

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In the latest edition of the RTR - conference on Results from Road Transport Research, the AWARD-H2020 team represented by our Arwed Schmidt, Ted Zotos from IRU and Jean-Baptiste HAHN from CARA Transport & Mobility Systems, highlighting the crucial role that autonomous vehicles will play in the years to come. They touched on several key themes, including the need for innovation, the importance of sustainability, and the challenges that lie ahead.
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AWARD´s main presence at the conference was during the parallel session in which Arwed Schmidt on behalf of AWARD had the opportunity to elaborate on the details and highlights of being on track with deploying all four pilot operations in Europe in 2023. 

  • Presenting the current status of the four demo cases, 
  • Highlighting the successful testing campaigns,
  • Highlighting  the planned deployments during h2 2023 
  • Deep-dive on the so-far-achievement with the TractEasy driving under hard rain. 








This was a very well organised conference and a blessing to be back together with the right people focussing on AV tech development in Europe after the pandemic.
Stretching between mobility data, use-case development for autonomous goods transportation and reflecting on the challenges to integrate autonomous vehicles on open roads, with their panel the moderators Andrea De Candido, Margriet van Schijndel and CCAM's Marzena Jougounoux opened a well-balanced discussion on the current state-of-the-art in Europe.

Arwed Schmidt

AV technology development has to be approached like a marathon and not a sprint. With AWARD we have the right partners together to take the next milestone, both when it comes to operating in various conditions but also to master central use cases to scale autonomous goods transportation. EC called for synergies – the importance of research and innovation to support policymaking in the upcoming legislative proposals

Ted Zotos

What a blast to be part of the RTR Conference. The right place to have a detailed vision of the current state of the art. To meet, promote and exchange about the current and future paths towards sustainable mobility

Jean-Baptiste HAHN
CARA Transport & Mobility Systems

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About the AWARD project:

The AWARD (All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations) project is part of the European H2020 program, for which the consortium has received a funding grant of nearly €20 million to develop and demonstrate driverless heavy-duty vehicles in harsh weather conditions for real-logistics operations.

To achieve the AWARD objectives, a consortium of 29 partners from 12 countries is teaming up, coordinated by Easymile. Together, the partners have extended relevant experience in development and worldwide deployment of connected and automated transport systems.

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