EasyMile Introduces Driverless Terminal Tractor at Port of Helsingborg for Enhanced Seaside Operations

11 June 2024
Goods Transportation
Port of Helsingborg
Written by EasyMile
autonomous terminal tractor at the Port of Helsingborg
Helsingborg, Sweden, 11 June, 2024 – EasyMile is proud to announce the deployment of its EZTug autonomous terminal tractor at the Port of Helsingborg.

The port is testing the feasibility and effectiveness of autonomous solutions for container transportation.

Part of the "Helsingborg Horizontal Transportation Automation" project managed by HHAB, the port's operator, this project integrates automation technologies into the port's logistics and transportation processes to enhance cargo handling capabilities.

The EZTug is operating on a 2-kilometer route connecting Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes with areas designated for stacking import and export containers. It is navigating mixed traffic conditions, including trucks and handling machinery, requiring advanced navigation and safety protocols.

Initially, the driverless tractor will transport shipping containers, with plans to test its capacity for handling 32-tons. This flexibility demonstrates the EZTug’s ability to meet varying operational demands.



Port of Helsingborg Project Manager, Pär Kraft, commented on the integration of man and machine:
“There will always be a need for human supervision and input into the vehicle. Still, the ‘driver’ could instead sit at a computer in an office and monitor the fleet operation, ready to intervene if issues arise that the system cannot solve.”.

Driverless technology provider EasyMile is conducting the deployment in collaboration with terminal tractor supplier Terberg. This long standing partnership has seen Terberg develop a ‘Drive By Wire’ terminal tractor designed for autonomous and teleoperated driving, and they have previously delivered electric tractors to the port. For this project, EasyMile and Terberg are using a vehicle that resembles the port's existing tractors. 

Vehicle and Technology

  • Autonomous Operations: EZTug is equipped with a range of redundant sensors that provide comprehensive monitoring of its surroundings. This allows it to safely navigate the port environment, calculate the speed and direction of moving objects, and act accordingly.
  • Precision Handling: The EZTug can stop under STS spreaders with less than 10cm longitudinal precision and 0.5cm lateral precision, ensuring that container transfers are executed efficiently and without the need for corrections from the STS cranes. This precision maximizes operational efficiency and reduces downtime.
  • Seamless Integration: The vehicle receives missions, navigates mixed traffic roads, and proceeds with its tasks at speeds of up to 25 km/h.
  • Safety and Reliability: EZTug's advanced sensor suite ensures that it can detect and avoid obstacles, guaranteeing safe operations even in the busiest port environments. Additionally, remote operation capabilities provide an extra layer of operational flexibility.

"EZTug is a game-changer for port operations," said Julien Collier, EasyMile's Project Manager. "Its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and perform with high precision and safety sets a new standard for autonomous terminal tractors."


  • EasyMile: Autonomous vehicle technology expert, dedicated to enhancing efficiency and reliability in transport operations.
  • Port of Helsingborg: One of Sweden's leading ports, committed to innovation and efficiency in maritime logistics.
  • Terberg Special Vehicles: A global leader in specialized vehicles, providing robust and reliable solutions for industrial applications.