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Manage your fleet in real-time


EZFleet is the electronic brain driving your fleet of autonomous vehicles. Flexible and modular, it enables you to adapt your fleet according to different operating scenarios and best fit your needs.

Control multiple sites and vehicles

EasyMile developed EZFleet as a flexible and modular fleet management system,
capable of managing a fleet of all types of autonomous vehicles, allowing for different operating scenarios and able to adapt
to the different needs of our customers. 

EZFleet offers the ability to supervise all vehicles on site including their positions, assigned routes, expected time of arrival and destinations, as well as other vehicle parameters to monitor their status in real-time.

It is the most-used fleet management system for autonomous vehicles.
It has been deployed hundreds of times and has been actively used
for each deployment of an autonomous vehicle
powered by EasyMile technology since 2017.



Dynamic organization and autonomy

EZFleet can dynamically assign missions or switch between a fixed-route and on-demand service. It can also integrate real-time traffic information to maximize service quality.

EasyMile’s fleet management system is also capable of data collection, analysis, and reporting. It can enable Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) with its ability to integrate into existing systems, and also ensures end-to-end secured connectivity.

Remote interaction and communication

The Site Control Center is provided by EasyMile for any deployment of our solutions. It facilitates remote monitoring and supervision for safe and efficient operations, and real-time communication with the vehicle fleet and its passengers. This monitoring system allows you to view in-the-moment information about vehicles deployed on-site.

It has two objectives:

  • Monitoring the fleet: to provide a real-time view of the state of vehicles; and
  • Remote control of an autonomous vehicle: to take action whenever there is a human action to be taken.

EZFleet functionality:

- Site Control Center

- Mission and fleet management

- Interconnection with the ecosystem (APIs)

- Data analytics

Track and control from your smartphone

We provide a mobile view of the Control Center. This app is for Vehicle Operators and Field Operators so they can track and control their autonomous vehicle fleet from a smartphone or tablet.

On-demand service

EasyMile’s software has the capability to allow a driverless vehicle to be ordered via an end-user mobile application or an external request. The end-user application displays traffic information such as waiting times and expected time of arrival.