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Autonomous future, today

EasyMile brings autonomous mobility solutions for people and goods to life with our expert technology, quality delivery and integrity.

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2020/03/22 Autonomous minibus in Monheim The city of Monheim is located on the right bank of the Rhine, between Cologne,…
2020/03/18 Update on Covid-19 Toulouse, France, 18 March 2020 - Update from EasyMile where we are learning innovative, new…
2020/02/26 Low speed emergency stop for safety triggers partial US suspension Denver, USA, 25 February 2020 - EasyMile’s passenger operations in the US have been temporarily…
2020/02/24 EZ10 autonomous shuttle begins operation in Drolshagen SAM (EasyMile EZ10) is the first autonomous shuttle to run in Nordrhein-Westfalen in mixed traffic…
Monitoring and Blackbox

All our AVs are equipped with a blackbox system recording every half-second the status of our vehicles


Cybersecurity is embedded in every aspect of our software development processes and validation protocols to ensure integrity of the entire system


Our Autonomous Vehicles are equipped with multiple layers of redundancy in order to maximize the safety of passengers and road users

Obstacle Detection

Our Autonomous Vehicles detect and avoid potential obstacles thanks to a full range of high performance sensors


Our localisation algorithm calculates a vehicle’s exact position with centimeter-level accuracy at all times

Self-driving, how does it work?

Driverless vehicles require the same level of information than a human being to reach its destination safely

Our Technology

EasyMile has developed a unique in-house software based on latest technology in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Combined with stringent safety protocols and a robust fleet management system, we automate transportation platforms.

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Use Cases

EasyMile has already deployed its pioneering autonomous technology in 24 countries, on campuses or in mixed traffic environments

Our Solutions

EasyMile partners with recognised industrial players to produce best in range vehicles platforms. Combined with stringent safety protocols and a robust fleet management system, we automate transportation platforms

EZ10 autonomous vehicle enabling smart mobility in urban, suburban or private areas. Designed to bridge the gap between hubs and to enable new mobility for public and private sites, it is the most deployed driverless shuttle in the world.


A revolutionary driverless and zero-emission electric tow tractor. The ideal solution for ground transportation of goods on industrial sites, logistics centers and airports, indoor and outdoor.


EasyMile Fleet management solution for autonomous vehicles to enable Mobility-as-a-Service. Deployed and tested on all EasyMile autonomous vehicles since 2017, EZMaestro benefits today from a strong track record.


Discover our new driverless solutions projects. EasyMile permanently investigates emerging fields of application of our robust software and embarked systems solution.

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