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Dedicated teams of experts around the world


EasyMile’s centralized help desk is able to handle any request from any customer at any time. Our autonomous vehicle solutions also comes with a comprehensive and specific maintenance plan.

Global and local support

Because our local teams know you well they are the first point of contact.

EasyMile targets quick and effective response, on a case by case basis, without compromising quality. Our dedicated and centralized help desk is able to handle any request from any customer at any time.

Complete transparency

Our customers have full transparency of their request: what stage it is at, what has been done, how it is progressing and so on. This allows a global overview which we also use to build a clear picture for other sites and anticipate any issues might have an impact.

EasyMile constantly reflects for improvement so that our standards of excellence can always be maintained and enhanced going into the future


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Regular support onsite and remotely

Every vehicle running on EasyMile's technology comes with a maintenance plan which includes an annual overhaul check. We also provide our customers with a technical document listing all the parts and operations. 

A comprehensive maintenance plan

Your maintenance plan has three levels:

Level 1 - Vehicle operation

The first level of the EasyMile maintenance plan involves the operations of the vehicle. Service providers can do this themselves daily or weekly (the specific vehicle maintenance plan will set out which). For example, a daily routine includes cleaning and checking the critical sensors, checking the tyre pressure, and air conditioning systems, etc. These are fairly standard vehicle checks and we train partners on how to do this as part of our chief operator training.

Level 2 - Operations related to the platform

The second level of the maintenance plan concerns operations related to the platform. EasyMile provides customers with all the tools and knowledge to be autonomous on issues of diagnosis and repair. We train in relation to the vehicle’s electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems, so that you can confidently deal with everything from the heating and ventilation, to bodywork and power supply.

Level 3 - Software configuration and planning

The third level is related to software configuration and programming. These elements of maintenance that are connected to the safety of the vehicle are undertaken only by EasyMile.  If a particular component comes from one of our trusted suppliers then we ensure that is updated as regularly as is appropriate too.

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