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Deployment Process

Ensure the smooth running of your autonomous operations


Safety is at the heart of the EasyMile deployment process. Our experts assess potential risks and mitigation strategies with careful planning and certified training throughout the process

A step-by-step approach

Driverless technology is innovative and accuracy is key when planning the deployment of autonomous vehicles. This includes a systematic risk analysis of every section of each new site and route, performed through our well-established and robust procedures. 

The roll-out of any of EasyMile's solutions involves three key steps:

  1. Preparation

  2. Setup

  3. Operation


EasyMile will visit the area and evaluate the use of driverless technology in relation to your needs and compatibility with the site environment. Our staff or trained partners are on-site to validate any infrastructure requirements, set-up the agreed route, and conduct established tests, to ensure the project can be deployed safely.

This includes:

  • Risk analysis
  • Evaluation of service level
  • Any site adaptations required to authorize operation within technological boundaries
  • Recommended site adaptations to optimize system performance and service level
  • Storage, organizational and technical requirements like data and power supply
  • Operating modes and conditions
  • Project plan


A vehicle drives the route, mapping the area with its sensor set.

Path planning to sense the environment is a fundamental requirement for a vehicle to drive autonomously. It is not only the basis for the vehicle's navigation, but also for the vehicle’s protocol in unpredictable situations. Navigation setup includes:

  • Performing site acquisition using lidars, odometer, and GPS of the path
  • Building a map using in-house software to record the environment
  • Defining trajectories, speeds, stops or stations

EasyMile also provides training that is efficient and ensures high levels of knowledge.


    A final review is done to make sure everything is covered. EasyMile also supports the establishment of internal structures such as team and operations management. Once everything has been successfully addressed in consultation with all stakeholders, service begins.

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    A dedicated approach to safe deployment

    Our stringent safety process involves multiple stakeholders bringing experience from around the business who carefully and conscientiously approve each and every element of a deployment prior to operations commencing.