EasyMile Autonomous Shuttles at University Hospital Bonn

11 December 2023 - Toulouse, France
Written by EasyMile
UK Bonn Autonomous Shuttle
EasyMile driverless shuttles have joined the University Hospital Bonn (UKB) in Germany’s "Innovative Secure Medical Campus". As part of the service launch event, Mona Neubaur, Minister for Economy, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, was guided by Prof. Wolfgang Holzgreve, UKB's Medical Director and Chairman, through a digitalized, secure medical campus. She explored AI-assisted care, surgery robotics, and took a ride on an EZ10 driverless shuttle.

EasyMile’s shuttles are in service at University Hospital Bonn in a bid to enhance patient mobility and streamline campus operations. The driverless shuttles follow a predefined route, mirroring a bus system, to transport patients and staff to their respective destinations. A strong emphasis has been placed on accommodating mobility-impaired patients, ensuring accessibility for all. Users will also be able to pre-book shuttle trips through the UKB app.

Equipped with an advanced sensor set, the autonomous shuttles constantly measure the distance to objects on the road and monitor their speed. Additionally, a sophisticated system records the precise position and orientation of the buses at all times. These technological features enable the buses to navigate their routes with precision and react to changing traffic conditions, ensuring a safe and reliable transportation experience.

The University Hospital Bonn's ISMC project aims to achieve a significant technological shift in healthcare. Driven by a range of technologies including the driverless shuttle service, the project is facilitating the hospital's digital transformation. 

The hospital's dedication to technological advancement extends beyond driverless shuttles. The implementation of 5G connectivity has significantly improved healthcare delivery, enabling critical data transmission between examination stations and patients' locations. This not only reflects the institution's commitment to innovation but also enhances the overall efficiency of healthcare services.

As the ISMC project progresses, the collective impact of these technological initiatives continues to underscore the transformative potential of technology in healthcare, promising a future characterized by streamlined processes, enhanced patient care, and optimized medical services.

About the University Hospital Bonn:
The UKB cares for about 500,000 patients per year, employs about 9,000 people and has a balance sheet total of 1.6 billion euros. In addition to the more than 3,300 medical and dental students, a further 585 people are trained each year in numerous healthcare professions. The UKB is ranked number one among university hospitals (UK) in NRW in the Science Ranking as well as in the Focus Clinic List and has the third highest case mix index (case severity index) in Germany. In 2022 and 2023, the F.A.Z. Institute named UKB Germany's most sought-after employer and training champion among public hospitals nationwide.

About EasyMile:
EasyMile is at the forefront of autonomous transportation, offering software and solutions for driverless goods and passenger transport. Collaborating with manufacturers, their award-winning safety-focused technology has autonomously operated in 300+ locations across 30 countries, covering over 1,000,000km. As the first to deploy fully driverless Level 4 autonomous vehicles on public roads in Europe, EasyMile is the top global provider of autonomous shuttles, including deployments at major automotive plants, logistics centers, and airports around the world. For more information, visit easymile.com.