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EasyMile H2020

Changing the way we move and do business


EasyMile provides autonomous vehicle solutions for shared transport, intralogistics automation, and more. We offer the EZ10 passenger shuttle for communities and private sites. For industries, our EZTow autonomous tow tractor optimizes supply chains and other solutions are possible.

Autonomous vehicle solutions ready today and prepared for tomorrow

EasyMile is paving the road ahead with real-world deployments of fully driverless technology for public and commercial use. Our EZ10 passenger shuttles are leading the transport revolution, with deployments in hundreds of locations around the world. EZTow autonomous tow tractors are optimizing supply-chains, bringing flows both indoors and outdoors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With more solutions for driverless buses, trams, and trucks available, we are shaping the future, today.