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Scaling with Level 4 of autonomous driving


EasyMile is the most experienced provider of Level 4 operations on the market today, completely removing any human attendant onboard. This combination of remote supervision and our unique technology stack put scalable and flexible operations at your fingertips.

Come and experience it for yourself at the IUCT Oncopole medical campus in Toulouse, France.


Remote supervision

Our unique technology stack ensures safe driving on the ground while remote supervision makes for a smooth user experience.

A Site Control Center is provided with all of our solutions. It facilitates remote monitoring and supervision for safe and efficient operations, and real-time communication with the vehicle and its passengers. This monitoring system allows you to view in-the-moment information about vehicles deployed on-site.

It has two objectives:

  • Monitoring the fleet: to provide a real-time view of the state of vehicles; and
  • Remote control for: talking to passengers, activating/deactivating accessories, rearming, starting/resuming missions, and recording logs.

EZFleet, Fleet management system and 360 degree live-stream with monitored latency

This is made possible by: 

  • A low level of latency so whatever the supervizor sees on-screen is happening in real-time. We continuously monitor the communication stream to ensure this. 
  • Four 360 degree cameras placed on the front, rear, and both sides of the vehicle, that stream live and are GDPR compliant
  • A camera inside the vehicle to monitor passengers and an intercommunication system with speakers.
  • Real-time data monitoring and processing including battery management and key performance indicators.

Flexible and scalable

Level 4 operations are of real interest for flexibility because you can add vehicles at any time, especially if you’re operating a fleet, take them out, change routes, timings, flows etc.

Our system is open, so it plugs and plays with others to fit your needs. 

Vehicles can be deployed immediately as demand arises, without having to wait for additional operators to be available.

This also means scalability with a single operator able to supervise multiple vehicles from anywhere.

Leader in fully driverless

EasyMile was the first to offer Level 4 operation of an autonomous shuttle at a business park, in 2018. We have deployed the highest number of fully driverless services on the market today with 10 around the world to date.

These include:

  • Community service in the USA - More
  • Transport of employees in Norway - More
  • Mobility on a campus in Germany - More
  • Visitor service in a botanical garden - More
  • Medical facility with public roads - More

What does an AV Supervisor do? 

Listen to Marion, Autonomous Vehicle Supervisor. She's in charge of supervising EasyMile's driverless vehicles fleet, such as EZ10 autonomous shuttle and TractEasy autonomous tow-tractor.


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