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Fully Driverless First/Last Mile Shuttle Service on Medical Campus

This first/last mile fully driverless shuttle service has been put in place on a medical campus to transport visitors, patients and staff between the entrance and the parking lot.

First-Last Mile Solution for Medical Campus

EasyMile and its partners are launching a new autonomous shuttle service in Toulouse on the Oncopole (cancer hospital) site, to fill the 600m gap between the entrance and the parking lot, bringing more mobility to visitors, staff and patients. 

This service demonstrates the safety of a fully autonomous public transport service (without operator on board) on public roads. It is a real benchmark for the development of autonomous vehicles in France and Europe overall.

This is the first autonomous shuttle service with the aim to be fully driverless on public roads in 2021

Introducing latest V2X technology

In this project, EasyMile is partnering with shareholder and technical partner, Alstom, on the latest V2X technology. The EZ10 is in constant communication with infrastructures, such as traffic lights, sending signals to the shuttle, which then analyzes and makes the decision to continue its route or stop. V2X technology integration is a definitive step towards more fully driverless services.

Paving the way towards more Level 4 services

With the deployment of this service, EasyMile is bringing more mobility to visitors, staff and patients while demonstrating the transport of tomorrow. A technical challenge made possible thanks to its unique in-house software and the maturity of its proven technology. 

Unlocking major benefits 

Fully autonomous shared transport services like this will bring many benefits to communities, public authorities and private companies, such as: 


A single remote operator will supervise multiple vehicles from anywhere meaning scaling to autonomous vehicle fleets without additional manpower is possible.

Full Flexibility

The service becomes fully flexible as vehicles can be deployed immediately as demand arises, without having to wait for additional operators to be available. 

Committing to the highest safety standards

EasyMile has a Safety-by-design approach, committed to product and system safety. It follows a certified and process-based standard, closely supporting partners and customers from project definition to delivery.

The EZ10 driverless shuttle is guided by a range of GPS, camera, sensors and odometry with extensive safety processes in place. The low-speed electric shuttle is a safe way to move in city centers and will soon gain a bigger role in the future's mobility mix for urban areas.

EasyMile is the first autonomous vehicle solutions provider to be ISO 9001:2015 certified.