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EasyMile Autonomous Solutions for People and Goods

Leading the way for specialized application


EasyMile is the partner of choice for new autonomous solutions that become a reality with our dedicated team. We are using our mature driverless vehicle technology to address real business needs now and for tomorrow.

Proven track-record 

EasyMile is customer-focused in our development of autonomous technology. Our technical expertise and professional know-how flexibly and creatively incubates and develops new vehicle solutions.

Our award-winning TractEasy autonomous tow tractor is a great example of the fruit of such a partnership.

Flexible business models

Our collaborative team approach and expert technical partnerships mean you benefit not just commercially, but also from a rich wealth of knowledge-sharing. 

Comprehensive solutions for multiple vehicle types

EasyMile works closely with blue chip partners and clients from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to software and hardware suppliers. We offer a dedicated incubator team, applying our expert knowledge and technology, proven in the EZ10, into new platforms. We look for true partnerships as each use for our technology can spur another. We start with the idea, creating and constructing a custom solution that will respond to a real need.

TractEasy is one of the first vehicle solutions to come from such a partnership.

Synergies benefitting our ecosystem

Diversifying solutions best-serves our customers and nurtures long term partnerships. For every partner it's a win-win. We move forward, together. Starting from an idea and building a custom product means we can best respond to a real need, providing a comprehensive autonomous vehicle solution.

Please get in touch to find out more.

EasyMile's software fits a variety of uses including buses, material handling vehicles, heavy-duty trucks and tramways, vans, and other specialized vehicles.

Recognized and valued expertise

EasyMile is an industry leader in driverless technology solutions and an expert partner.

We are part of numerous projects, developments and consortiums around the world to advise on, contribute to and develop autonomous vehicle solutions that pave the road ahead like:

Fully driverless on public roads

EasyMile supports the EVRA (Expérimentation du Véhicule Routier Autonome), France's national strategy to develop autonomous vehicles, as a technology provider. Our contribution will accelerate the use of fully driverless transport.

Supporting autonomous vehicle clusters

As part of this we are in the SAM (Safety and Acceptability of autonomous Mobility and driving) consortium with members including Renault, STELLANTIS, Alstom, Transdev, public transport operator RATP and Keolis, providing regulation, approval and certification advice. The aim is to establish common standards (national and international), and proposals for tooled methodologies.

Meeting worldwide need for autonomous heavy-duty vehicles with high availability

The AWARD (All-Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations) consortium has 29 partners – led by EasyMile. It is a large-scale project aimed at bringing disruptive change with the fast-track deployment of innovative, connected and automated freight transport solutions in Europe and around the world.


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